Not Up For Grabs


Photo by Kathlene Postma

Photo by Kathlene Postma

 Video by Jennifer Howard

Not Up For Grabs is a female formed and guided source  promoting political education and activism THROUGH THE sharing OF EXISTING RESOURCES AS THEY EMERGE in the specific wake of the 2016 presidential election.

We share breaking news, calls to action, events, human/environmental rights organizations, relevant art, etc. in an effort to support and encourage peaceful resistance and work against the normalization of hateful, discriminating persons and actions. We are all rights oriented: Women’s Rights are Human Rights, Love is Love, Black Lives Matter, Science is Real, No Human is Illegal, Stronger Together, and all the kind, loving, and inclusive rest.

Photo by Kathryn Kendall

Photo by Kathryn Kendall is the effort of Carisa Miller. If you would like to see a resource added, catch her sharing something that isn't credible or properly attributed, want to reach out about a writing or speaking engagement, or for any other reason: please get in touch.  

SUPPORT (Which is so far just one woman pretending she's an organization.)